You may first associate the name “Ceylon” with a distinct flavor tea. Then here now, as Darjeeling tea comes from Darjeeling region, Assam tea comes from Assam region of India, so does Sri Lanka have region called Ceylon ? Let us see the origin of this term.

When we try to get how the name Ceylon started with, we would have to mention Bijay, the King of the dynasty of this island in 5 century. He had been deemed as an son of parents between a father who is Lion(In the Sanskrit word : simha. Inehe Pali language : siha), and a mother who is Human. So they thought of their children as Lion’s descendants, and they named the island “Simha Dipa”(The Island of Lion).
After centuries, some Arabian pronounced that name wrong way, like Seren-dip, on 16 century, Portuguese called it “Ceilãn”, British, finally called it “Ceylon” as we are now call and pronouncing of it.

The island Ceylon has been independed since 1948 as one of the ruling party of Britain. At that time, Ceylon was applied for it s name as country. But later on, Sinhala, the mejor tribe on the island, rose up and did not favor of the immpression of the neme Ceylon, since it tells that the historical factor of colonization of the country, and actuary it is foreign words. Nowadays, even tough some literature use “Ceylon”, but majority comes to use “Sri Lanka” for it. “Sri” means “Holy” or “Bright” in Sinhara language. And “Lanka” comes from ancient Indian custom which they called this island as “Lankah”, wich is also considered as the place of the king Ravana, the king of “Rakushasa:羅刹”, who is introduced in “Ramanaya”, had born in.

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