Expressions of Japanese Cultural Uniqueness | ”Honne to Tatemae” :「本音と建前」(ほんね と たてまえ)-Vol.1

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  ”Honne to Tatemae” :「本音と建前」(ほんねとたてまえ) ”Honne to Tatemae”: 「本音と建前」(ほんねとたてまえ)is an idiom which expresses the divergency between attitude from feeling of a individual  is exactly possessing. The reference about this idiom is often mentioned to make references of theories of Japanese cultural or racial uniqueness. "Honne":「本音」(ほんね)  refers to a feeling or emotion exists inside of the someone's [...]

A Funny Chinese Young Twister

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Here a funny tongue twister of Chinese. "mama qiˊ maˇ. maˇ manˋ. mama maˋ maˇ" 妈妈骑马,马慢,妈妈骂马。 Mother rides a horse , the horse is slow, so mother scolds the horse. mama means mother. qiˊ is to ride. maˇ is horse maˋ means scold. And man` means slow. Now trying this once again:  "mama qiˊ maˇ. maˇ manˋ. [...]