I have been in Asian country, so that everything I observed in USSR countries and Europe seems totally fresh from my eyes.

I love all the colours and atmosphere of the street, old and marvellous.

I love all the people who are not rich but rich in heart. Generous in doing what is good, even they do not have much to give.

I feel comfortable listening all the words they make, to refresh others, not to harm.

I love the people in Ukraine.

First place I got in Odessa was a café in front of the railway station. It was early morning around 5 o’clock. Cold air push me to enter somewhere I can escape from cold air before sunrise.

On the café I got some soup and latte. And I got into nap because of tiredness after long travel on the bus.

Kindly voice makes me awake, someone taping my shoulder while I have fall into sleep. To notice me that to take care of my bags.

And there was smiles in their eyes always.

I left the café to shoot some pictures of sunrise at Black Sea, and head to the sea side while it was still dark.

All stone paved street makes me feel hard to move around with my 30kg luggage. Walking down the way to the sea side, the sky getting brighter and brighter.

Just on the time I got the sea side paths, it was 6:27 just time of the sunrise of the day. It was calm, but confident the Black Sea was. Bright like black pearls and there is light which makes the beautifulness highlighted.

“Domus Solis” A door which placed on the path facing the Black Sea. Sun shows it’s glance behind the door. Also smells of the sea, and sound of waves which is powerful but calm, makes my mood nice.

Hotdog and Cappuccino by the sea, it’s might be normal, comes to be special meal for me.